BBB mentorship

Entrepreneurship, women's empowerment, creation. 

At Beauty Boss Builders, we are all about Women's empowerment and entrepreneurship! Join us at our next Networking Happy Hour or Welnness Event!

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Perks include business mentorship from exclusive mentors, social media influencers, and entrepreneurs, exclusive content media days, educational training, social media monetization, and building residual income through social selling and more!

It is our mission to build women.

What is bbb?

BBB stands for Beauty Boss Builders, we are an organization that has partnered with a Network Marketing company, MONAT to build entrepreneurs in the vegan beauty industry. We provide mentorship, teach how to monetize social media, social selling, content creation, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, spiritual and personal development, and more. Our BBB members have access to hundreds of exclusive trainings on countless subjects thanks to our connections and close relationship with our business partners. By partnering with Monat, my co-founders and I knew that we would be able to provide others with the opportunity to make money online and utilize that residual income to create a life with more stability, flexibility, and financial abundance. We heavily coach positivity, manifestation, and personal development before monetary reward, and the self-development transformation our members go through makes the BBB experience unlike any other. This is an organization and network that touches on all components needed for living a happier life, financially, spiritually, socially, and more. Whether your goal is to be an Instagram influencer,  or a mother who can provide better for her family, or just someone who wants to work with likeminded women, the BBB community has you covered. 

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I never paid too much attention to the ingredients in my products until I started using Monat. If you've seen my hair and skin transformation you know the difference vegan products have had on my appearance!

With Monat, I now have the opportunity to consult with men and women to help improve their imperfections through natural, powerful ingredients. 

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Beauty Boss Builders Networking Events

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Our networking events are open to everyone! Come out to network at one of our brunches or happy hours, get fit with us at a bootcamp, but mostly, socialize and have fun!